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Our Rainbow Jelly is Suitable For All Kinds Of People. Suitable for Home use, Cafes & etc. The Braulio brand was born in 2013. Originally sold by Jaya Bintang Trading.


•   Package Type: Tub

•   Country of Origin: Malaysia

•   Single Pack Size: 3.8kg

Tapioca Pearls, about the size of pearls or small marbles, with a consistency somewhat like gummy candy, are used to make Bubble Tea drinks. Bubble Tea (or Boba Tea) is an Asian sweet iced tea in which the tapioca pearls sit at the bottom of a clear plastic cup with a fat serving straw.

Fresh fruits, milk and or flavored syrups are usually added to create a vast array of flavors. Either black or green tea can be used and popular flavors include milk tea, almond milk tea, taro and coconut. Bubble Tea Fruit Iced Tea flavors include kumquat, passion furit, apple, orange, star fruit, strawberry, lychee, mango, peppermint, lemon and kiwi.