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Automatic Sealing Machine

1.This cup sealer machine used for cup outfit beverage sealing, such as bubble tea, pearl milk tea, fruit juice, soda, coke, ice cream, etc

. 2.This machine not only looks beautiful, smaller, but also has advanced technology, novel style, reasonable structure, easy to carry.

3.It adopts stainless manufacturing, durable and stable performance, with labor-saving, time-saving, energy saving and other advantages. It widely used small food products factory, and food beverage outlets.

4. with a positioning pin design, effectively prevent the cutter is damaged due to a mistake, greatly extending its life.

5. Military industrial manufacturing,quality No.1 made in china.




  • 12 Month






  • 6 month warranty
  • Free 1 set Jug
  • 6 month 1 to 1 exhange motor only


  • 6 month warranty
  • Free 1 set Jug
  • 6 month 1 to 1 exhange motor only


- Product type: broken machine, cooking machine, juicer

- Main functions: juice, soy milk, rice paste, ground, ground meat, smoothies, juice, soy milk, rice paste, grind, ground meat, smoothies, milkshakes, complementary food

- Product capacity: 2.8L

- Product power: 220W

- Lighe and deft bodywork, skillful sound insulation, generation of no noise.

- International edible-level PC containers and patented blades.

- Dismountable structure of sound insulati





Stepping Heating Automatic Water Boiler 10Lwith water level sensor has been made in the high quality materials to stylishly provide a constant stream of piping hot water, on demand, in busy areas such as staff rooms and waiting areas, as well as commercial use in restaurants, pubs and bars. Stepping Heating Automatic Water Boiler with Stainless Steel Body Automatic Water Boiler with Water Level Sensor Suitable for Commercial Use such as Restaurants, Coffee Shop,Catering Etc


Warranty: 6 Month


Warranty 12 Month

Free  1 Sealer Film (Clear)

- Warranty: 6Month
- 100% brand new and high quality.
- Prenium Blender.
- Food-grade material, safe and healthy.
- Easy to operate and clean.
- Durable and eco-friendly.
- Stylish design, low energy consumption.
- Fashion style and excellent craftsmanship.
- Best service and fast delivery.
- Ideal for making shakes, whipping cream, or blending eggs.
- Cleans easily with warm soapy water.